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Could G999 be The Next Bitcoin?


G999 The Concept

One of the main demands that exists in the modern world is the demand for reliability and stability. Growing concerns about the state of the global economy and the huge amount of opportunities that modern technologies open for people, gave birth to the idea of creating a new class of assets.

Realizing this idea, the G999 team created such an asset class, the decentralized architecture of which is based on the most reliable modern technology – the blockchain, one of the most valuable modern assets and
communication channels of the next generation.

G999 has also set out to develop its own blockchain and create a fully functioning payment and communications ecosystem for the secure circulation of information and coins. Thanks to a competent development strategy and a team of highly professional programmers, by the beginning of 2019, substantial progress could be already seen. Today, G999 is a fully complete blockchain that provides its customers with the ability to store, trade or use coins in a wide ecosystem. G999 uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority; managing transactions and the issuing of G999 is carried out collectively by the network.

G999 is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls G999 and everyone can take part in it. Thanks to many of its unique features, G999 is able to provide such exceptional services that could not be previously provided by the existing decentralized payment systems. G999 has also set out to develop its own blockchain and create a fully functioning payment and communications ecosystem for the secure and free circulation of information and coins.

G999 has developed an infrastructure that allows users to transfer their assets and information anonymously. Moreover, it ends up being faster and cheaper than any other traditional system or other decentralized systems.

The G999 Card provides the benefits of a cold wallet, allows crypto payments, and serves as a security device for any digital asset. By using advanced technologies for converting, encrypting, storing, and broadcasting audio, G999 offers users access to the first communication system built on the blockchain. Moreover, G999 has developed a decentralized platform for sending and receiving secure and encrypted emails based on the blockchain network.

The system’s core is the G999 coin, which is a utility asset class based on digital financial technology and communication. Main net G999 is a proof of stake blockchain that underlies all transactions of the network. Proof of stake is climate and energy friendly. Thus, G999 has become a multifunctional means of payment and accumulation, as well as an income generator. The coin provides users with the ability to create their own Masternodes, make instant payments settlements, and receive staking income.

G999 aims to create a welcoming environment for new developments and technologies built on the open source blockchain. This new technology is similar to that of bitcoin and is also convenient for introducing new ideas aimed at creating a thriving economy and developing a new ecosystem. The key stages of its development are presented in the road map, which can be found on the G999 web page.

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G999 Products

G999 will offer a array of products and services that will imminently increase the value of the g999 coin. Product to include.


  • G999 Digital Crypto Payment Card is an ultra-secure cold crypto wallet designed to store digital assets. G999 is the market leader in digital asset protection.
  • G999 Digital Crypto Payment Card is equipped with a chip element that complies with CC EALS + banking security standards. One of the important advantages of the G999 crypto card is its multi-currency
  • G999 uses the BIP39 key backup method, and also provides the ability to set an eight-digit PIN-code and a passphrase with subsequent binding to the backup Pl N-codes.

Blockchain-based Voice and Chat App

The technology behind a voice analyzer converts the voice into a long text row which is randomly split and encrypted using multiple keys for each 999bytes, the data is then sent through an encrypted hash transaction through blockchain. Multiple hash transactions are generated for the same voice message, making this encrypted communication one of the most secure  ones in the world.

There is no such thing as voice message size limitation. The information is encrypted and sent in multiple transactions, which are mixing the encrypted hash voice message and recomposing it back to a voice message using the receiver’s private key. Your voice message is similar to one hundred Bitcoin blockchain transactions. In order to hack one voice message, you must hack all the wallets.

The costs per byte for any voice or text message is automatically calculated by the blockchain itself, according to the generated encrypted message size. The corresponding amount is then debited directly from the sender’s wallet. The G999 blockchain is developed in such a way to be able to transport heavy block hex messages, assuring the necessary core layer in our ecosystem. The fist encrypted blockchain telecommunication app will be available for both iOS and Android phones, ensuring an easier mass adoption of this encrypted, key to key telecommunication service.

The encryption protocol behind our technology can be freely used by any developer who would like to transfer data over the blockchain.

Thus, it is going to be integrated into more apps, therefore, more transactions and more fees. The users can finally forget about private data exposure issues!

The communication over the blockchain encrypted voice message is different from other regular apps, where the end-user has to register with the private information, such as name, email, and phone number. All the messages are sent from the public key to a public key and are available only to the private key holder.

If you would like to find out more about G999 you can visit there site at g999main.net  and read there complete white paper.

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G999 is Available on The following Exchanges.

More exchanges will be added in the future

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