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7 Things You Need to Have Before You Get a Dog

So you have decided to bring home a puppy. You may think it is going to be a lot of fun, but actually it is not. Raising a puppy is a tough task. You have to prepare yourself mentally to be woken up during odd hours of the night. You have to schedule an examination with a vet, to ensure your puppy is healthy physically and mentally. You have to equip yourself with necessary dog supplies. You need to cultivate a habit of taking your puppy out for walks. There is a certain element of house-training involved as well. That explorer in your puppy cannot be held back, for he would want to explore every nook and corner of your home to find his happy space. Given all this and more, you need to be well-prepared to start a new and exciting journey with the newest addition to your family.
Given below are 7 must have items for new dog owners that will keep them prepared for the challenges that come with raising a puppy at home.

    1. Dog Harness or Collar: This is one of the items every dog owner should have. You cannot afford to miss out on this one. The harness or collar must have an ID Tag, so that just in case your dog gets lost someone identifies it and knows that it is vaccinated. Whether you want a collar or a harness totally depends on the comfort level of your dog.


    1. Leash: Choose a leash for your dog that is durable and clips easily into her harness or collar. This way, you can unleash your dog anytime without any fuss. It is suggested that a retractable leash be chosen if you take your dog out for lots of walks. Getting a dog checklist in order without a leash featuring in it is a pointless exercise.


    1. Crate: You would probably want a crate for your dog. Crates come handy while keeping dogs confined in tricky situations, such as lengthy travel where your puppy would be in need of a cozy nest. Besides, these days, adjustable wire crates with removable flat bottoms can expand as your dog begins to grow in size. Dog crates must feature in your must have items for new dog owners.


    1. Dog Beds: Some pet owners are so loving that they get their puppies to sleep on their beds. Still though, your puppy would love a bed of its own. Puppies generally sleep between 12 to 16 hours a day. Moreover, with washable bed covers, things only become better. While buying a dog bed, take factors into account such as the height and weight of your dog and the amount of fur on its body.


    1. Food and Water Bowls: Again, items every dog owner should have. Food and water bowls for your dog are necessary to get your dog to eat and drink with ease. Stainless steel food bowls are best as they are less prone to damage as compared to ceramic. Water bowls are best left out all day since your thirsty dog might want to drink water every then and now.


    1. Grooming Supplies: Getting a dog checklist in order without including grooming supplies for your dog would again be half the job done. Your dog’s needs totally depend on its breed, size and body. Supplies for your dog would generally include a pair of nail clippers, fur removal brush and puppy shampoo/conditioner, deodorizers, hair removal mitts and rollers, shower and bath accessories, combs, scissors etc.


  1. Toys: Dog toys are not important for your dog, they are imperative. Dogs are mentally stimulated with toys. Try picking dog toys from a pet store that are easy to clean, are not that easily destructed and also replaceable when lost. Dog toys generally include chew toys, balls, plush toys, ropes, interactive toys, squeak toys, flying discs etc.

As you get ready to bring home the newest addition to your family, be ready with these must-have dog items so that you are able to pamper your pet dog to the fullest and the pet too has a good time staying with you.

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